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Swedish Massage: $999

The 100 hour Swedish Massage course will give students a solid foundation in massage theory and practice.  Students will learn to perform a whole body professional Swedish Massage and learn the benefits of massage, indications, contraindications and endangerment areas.  At the conclusion of this course, students may participate in the student clinic.

Prerequisite: None

Massage Theory & Business: $899      

Students will be introduced to the massage profession as well as ethics and business principles through lecture and class projects in this 60 hour class.  Subjects covered in this class include an in depth study of Massage Theory, Business Practices, Ethics, Client Communication, Self Care, & Human Behavior.

Prerequisite: Swedish Massage

Massage Sciences Hybrid:  $1,099    

The 100 Hour Massage Sciences Hybrid course consists of studying anatomy, physiology and pathology.  Students are required to participate in the in-class sessions as well as the home study portion to pass this class. 

Prerequisite:  Swedish Massage

Kinesiology & Deep Tissue: $999

Students will learn kinesiology in conjunction with deep tissue techniques.  By the conclusion of this 75 hour class, students will be able to recite and recognize the origins, insertions and actions of the muscles of the body.  Students will also be able to demonstrate deep tissue techniques with confidence and integrate them into their current massage routine.

Prerequisite: Swedish Massage

Massage Techniques: $699  

In this 55 hour course, students will learn a variety of massage techniques including Passive Stretching, Passive Joint, Trigger Point, Chair Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Pregnancy Massage and Reflexology.

Prerequisite: Swedish Massage

Sports Massage: $599

Student will learn Pre-Event, Post-Event and Western Sports Massage for athletes in training in this 50 Hour course.  Students will also be introduced to Russian Sports Massage strokes and Body Assessment.

Prerequisite: Swedish Massage

Eastern & Energetic Theory: $599    

Students will have a great introduction to Energy Work as well as Shiatsu and Thai Massage in this 50 hour course.  The subjects include: Energy Work, Self Care, Herbs and Nutrition, Stones and Crystals, and Chakras. Students will also learn to perform variations of Shiatsu and Thai Bodywork routines. These are done on a mat with the client fully clothed, but can be adapted for the massage table as well.  The styles include many stretches and compressions into the various meridian points of the body to enhance the flow of chi. 

Prerequisite: None

Spa Modalities: $499 (plus $199 product kit)

In this 50 hour course, students will learn the proper method of cleansing and preparing a client's face and décolletage for Facial Massage. The benefits, including toning, soothing and hydrating the skin, are discussed, as well as learning the safe application of hot towels, essential and massage oils.  

Prerequisite: Swedish Massage

Percussive Therapy: $499 (incl. percussive device)


In this one-day workshop, students will learn an instrument assisted form of massage therapy that utilizes rapid and repetitive movements to target specific areas of the body. It involves the use of a handheld device that delivers high-frequency percussions to the muscles, tendons, and soft tissues. Students will learn the benefits of percussive therapy for the therapist and the client, the best practices, indications, and contraindications for percussive therapy, and how to incorporate percussive therapy into all stages of a massage therapy session.

Prerequisite: Swedish Massage

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