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650 Hour Massage Therapist Certification:  $7,100

Our 650 hour program has been designed for students to finish their massage training in an average of 12 months.  Students will complete 540 educational class hours and 110 student clinic hours to receive their certification. Students are required to take all 8 courses and workshops which include Swedish Massage, Kinesiology & Deep Tissue, Massage Theory & Business, Massage Sciences, Massage Techniques, Sports Massage, Eastern & Energetic Theory and Spa Modalities.  

Advantages Included With Our Program

  • Small Class Sizes

  • Hands On Learning

  • Experienced Instructors

  • Learn A Minimum Of 10 Styles of Massage

  • Professional Manicure Service Provided


  • Easy 2 Day Per Week Class Schedule (Tue/Thu)

  • Only 5 Student Clinic Hours Required Each Week

  •  Lowest Tuition Cost In N. Idaho and E. Washington

  • Earn Your Tuition Program - Work Off Up To 50% Of Tuition Costs

 Are you still not sure if it's right for you?

Then don't take our word for it. Listen to what our very satisfied students have to say.

When I was looking for a massage school to enroll in there were a few in my area to choose from (I live in Wallace)...this one didn't have a lot of reviews on the actual SCHOOL itself (though the reviews speak highly of the skills of the students, which is an indication of quality) so I wanted to give a review to others who may also be looking for the right school.  I looked into a couple but after my initial encounter and interview with Andrew I was quite certain this was the one for me and I am SO glad I chose this place!  The format for starting new students every week is excellent... when he first explained it I wasn't sure how it would work, but it's actually perfect!  I am so excited for Tuesdays and Thursday each week now LOL

Andrew, besides being voted best LMT in North Idaho (not surprised), is an OUTSTANDING instructor.  He has been doing this a long time so you would think the repetition of his words would tire him over the years....nope, not in any way.  He teaches each one of his students like they are the first and only one he has ever had.  His personal interaction with explanations, meeting you where you're at, PATIENCE, positive reinforcement, his ability to explain the same thing over and over calmly with a absolute professional.  I couldn't imagine learning from anyone else.  I don't panic if I make a mistake or forget a step...and he is teaching students at all different levels in the starting course and is 100% present for all of us.  Pretty brilliant.

The classrooms are super clean and have all the amenities, nothing has been overlooked.  The lobby area is relaxing...just an overall good vibe everywhere.  So for any of you thinking of massage therapy school and looking for a review, please consider this one of a very happy and unbiased student! - Lana Marie

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